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Top 10 DO's / DON'Ts

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Here is a list of 10 things that you should and should NOT do on a golf course

Golf has a very distinguished reputation. It is know for its deep traditions and etiquette. Although the fundamental of the game have not changed, COVID has prompted some changes that could be considered improvements.

Below are 10 tips for you to consider during your next round of golf. They are not hard and fast rules. They are just a few tips that I have learned the hard way.

DO - Arrive on time

This is an easy one. I will be the first to admit that I underestimate time. I generally assume that everything is ten minutes away. Although that may be true in the wee hours of the morning, it is not true during business hours. I have found that I need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the round in order to have a good round. For instance, if the tee time is 9am, I have to be there at 830a at the latest. In those 30 minutes, I can check into the pro shop, change my shoes, organize by bag and the golf cart, fill up my water cup, and if I have time get a few putts on the practice green. Anything less than 30 minutes, I am rushing and that leads to a bad round.

Don't - Hit more than two (2) balls off the first tee

We have all been there before. After spending time on the range, or rushing to the first tee, you go through your swing routine and you shank one into the woods. For my group golf, we offer everyone a mulligan, commonly known as Breakfast Ball, on their first shot. Breakfast balls are so common that many course rangers accept it as well.

Even though it is common, you should keep in mind the pace of play. The pro shop has a schedule of tee times for day, if each player in your group takes a breakfast ball or 2, or 3, then the pro shop gets off schedules for the whole day.

DO - Set a maximum score

There is a common saying amongst recreational golfers. It is, "If every shot was perfect, then I would be on Tour." Because of this, many recreational golfers, accept the fact that there are going to be bad shots in the round. Do yourself and your group a favor and set a maximum number of strokes per hole. This will help keep up the pace of play and also keep the patience of your playing partners in check. No one likes to watch a frustrated golfer. There are two common limits, either triple bogey or double par.

DO - Ask for permission to play music

This is one of those COVID changes that have been acceptable on the golf. Prior to COVID, it was frowned upon to play music on the golf course. Today, it is almost accepted. I say almost because it should be a decision that is accepted by everyone in your group. There are players who enjoy listening to music while on the course, and there are others who find distracting. Before you turn your music, ask your group if it is ok?

Quick addition, keep the music at a reasonable volume. It should be loud enough for you to hear it in the golf cart but not so loud that you can hear it from the other side of the fairway. Use the 20 feet rule. If you walk 20 feet away from the golf cart, you should not be able to hear the music.

Don't - Play just any music

Not all music should be played on the golf course. Ultimately, this is still golf and you are still in public. There is a fine line between what is considered acceptable or not, and everyone has their preferences. I will use old newspaper example. If you wouldn't play the music in a professional setting, amongst colleagues, then don't play it on the golf course.

DO - Carry a ball marker and divot tool

Have you been in a round when someone uses a tee to mark their ball? Yes, it does work and it is not a big deal. But still use a ball marker. The condition of the course is dependent on how players treat the course. If we all like plush greens that roll like glass, then we all need to be responsible for making sure that the greens stay in good shape.


Don't - Spend too much time looking for a lost ball

I am shaking my head as I am typing this. There are times when you just don't want to lose a ball. The key here is not to have the whole foursome looking for a lost ball at the same time. By doing this, you are ensure that you are keeping up with the pace of play, while still helping out your fellow player.

DO - Respect Sight Lines

I will tell you story. During a recent round of golf, three of us were standing on the tee box waiting for the fourth golfer to hit is tee shot. After taking a few practice swings, he looked back at all of us and politely/rudely/jokingly asked us to move out of his sight line. There are a few points to make here.

  1. I believe that we all know that you have to respect a golfer during their golf shot. You see this because we generally stop moving during a players shot, and quiet all conversations. We often forget about where we are standing. As a rule, you should not stand directly behind a player on the tee box or on the green. This will ensure that you will be out of the players sight line during their swing.

  2. Everyone is different. In fact, every round is different. A golfer can be easy going one round and serious the next. You can not assume that what was acceptable one day, will be acceptable the next. Do not get offend if someone asks you to step aside. It shouldn't be a personal attack. Only a friendly request.

Don't - Waste the opportunity

Whether you are playing well or not, a round of golf is a great opportunity for you to connect with you playing partners. Don't waste the opportunity to get to know the people you are playing with. Who knows what may come of it? Any number of things could happen, such as a business opportunity, a quick tip about a stock, learn about a good contractor, even get a life lesson. Long story short, five hours is a long time to spend with someone. Make the best of it.

DO - Bring your GREENWOOD GOLF balls

Shameless plug. Our signature Greenwood GOLF balls offer the perfect balance between distance and greenside control. As a matter of fact, I have heard a few customers say, that will be stick on the green. If you have tried our signature Greenwood GOLF ball then you should. You will start putting for birdie instead of chipping back onto the green, then putting for par, then missing it and blaming yourself...haha. . Click here to get your golf balls today

At the end, these rules are just friendly tips to help you enjoy your next round of to golf.

Did we miss anything? Tell us about a rule that you have with your group.

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Garvis Leak
Garvis Leak
Dec 26, 2022

Love the Top 10 List of Do's and Don'ts.

Garvis Leak, Golf Coach, Dayton Ohio

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