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Introducing the Greenwood GOLF Magnetic Towel: Elevate Your Game with Style and Functionality!


We have something truly extraordinary to enhance your golfing experience—the Greenwood GOLF Magnetic Towel. This innovative towel combines creative design, ease of use, superior quality, and advanced microfiber technology, making it an essential accessory for every golfer out there.


 With its creative design, ease of use, exceptional quality, and advanced microfiber technology, this towel is a must-have for any golfer seeking convenience, performance, and style.


Don't settle for ordinary towels that fail to deliver. Invest in the best and elevate your game. Order your Magnetic Golf Towel today and experience the difference for yourself. Your golfing partners will envy your style, and you'll enjoy the benefits of a clean and dry game, round after round.


Greenwood Golf Greenside Towel with Magnet

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • Say goodbye to fumbling around for your towel! Our Magnetic Golf Towel features a strategically placed magnet that securely attaches to any metal surface. Simply attach it to your golf bag, golf cart, or even the side of your clubs for quick and easy access. Never again will you have to search for your towel, wasting precious moments on the course. It's the epitome of convenience and efficiency.

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