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Play Greenwood
Play Better

These golf balls are built for better golfers who demand high compression, high spin, and high launch for maximum distance and control. Designed to improve your short game with spin control and high trajectory, these new signature golf balls are the hottest golf essential for you!


Unleash Your Power

Experience the perfect fusion of distance and greenside control with the revolutionary Greenwood Golf Flex Ball. 
Designed to elevate your performance on the course, this cutting-edge golf ball offers unrivaled distance off the tee while providing exceptional control around the greens.

Ready for more Spin?

The soft three-layer urethane outer cover maximizes spin and control for approach shots around the green, making these balls versatile and perfect for every shot, from every lie, for every golfer. Whether you are playing in tournaments, during practice, or with friends, the Greenwood Golf Ball will exceed your expectations.

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Launch Your Ball Further Than Ever Before

The 332 dimple pattern is engineered to deliver aerodynamic characteristics that maximize distance with your driver and produce high-trajectory spin with green-grabbing control.

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