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The Baltimore Blackhorse Golf Club

Have you ever planned to do something and just when it was time to go, you come up with every reason not to?

Well, I will admit that it happened to me last weekend.

On April 24th, I was invited to the 2nd Annual Baltimore Blackhorse golf tournament in Baltimore, Maryland. This event had been on my calendar for weeks. I was looking forward to the event an opportunity to talk about the Company and present our signature golf ball. It seemed like a no brainer until the week of the trip.

The internal struggle started when it was time to pack for the trip. My wife and daughter decided to tag along, so now my work trip became a family vacation. There goes the round of drinks afterwards….Now, instead of packing a small carry-on and my golf clubs, I was now packing a stroller, car seat, and suitcase(s), plural. Needless to say the easy straight forward trip, now became a huge effort.

Despite the change in plans, I was determined to press forward. I just could not pass up an opportunity to discuss Greenwood.GOLF to a group of golfers at a golf tournament.

I read somewhere that “you should never use [being busy] as your excuse. Everyone is busy. Everyone has something else that they could be doing. Why is your busy more important than someone else’s? That has always stuck with me. When it comes to this event, no one in Baltimore would care about my change in plans, or all of the items that I had to lug through the airport. None of them would care about the long travel day or the issue at the rental car facility. Every golfer at the tournament probably had a reason not to be there. In fact, I probably could have canceled and it would not have made a difference. What matters the most being present.

Strangely enough, within 15 minutes of being there I realized why I was there. The Carroll Park Golf Course was located in the inner city. It was literally just off the highway. Just outside of the door was a plaque that told the story of the course. When the course was originally purchased in 1923, it was segregated. A group of passionate minority golfers wanted access to the course and took their fight to the courts. For a period of time, minority golfers were limited to just pitching and putting. After a long legal battle, the course was fully integrated giving African Americans full access to the course. This story reminded me of the Dr. Charles L. Sifford Golf Course in Charlotte, NC. I did a little research and came across a YOUTUBE video about the plaque and the Pitch and Putt club that was established in 1938.

Walking into the clubhouse, I was immediately greeted by a lovely woman, who was warm and welcoming. She introduced me to Mr. Kenneth Ward. He was the founder of the Baltimore Blackhorse Golf Club. He was surprised and excited to see me. I asked him about the beginning of the club.

As the story goes, after he finished a round at Carroll Park he was walking to his car and saw a group of guys standing around shooting the breeze. They introduced themselves and quickly found out how closely they were all connected, not just to the game put personally and professionally. That was the moment the golf club was formed. After some back and forth, they all agreed to meet at the course the following week to do it all over again.

I stood there in amazement. The story felt so familiar. I have a list of close friends that I meant at the golf course. I have a bigger list of people that I only see on the golf course but seems like we have known each other forever.

That is one of the best things about the sport. When you met someone on the golf course, there is an immediate understanding that comes with the game. The good shots and bad, the great rounds and group trips, the integrity and etiquette are all a part of the game that brings people together.

The Baltimore Blackhorse reminded me of why I love the game.

Whether you are in Baltimore or Charlotte, Jacksonville or Arizona, if you have your golf group and your tee times for this weekend then you represent Greenwood.GOLF Brand. A community of golfers that love the game.

Keep it in the fairway.

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