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In March 2022, I went on a golf trip to Jacksonville, Florida.

The plan was to get the best of both worlds; for two days we were going to play a round of golf in the morning then visit the PGAs Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass in the afternoon. It seemed like the perfect trip. Fortunately for me, it didn’t turn out quite like we planned.

You may or may not recall but the weather in Jacksonville, Florida during that weekend was terrible. It was exceptionally cold, very windy and there was lots of rain. For a trip that was centered around being outside, the trip was essentially ruined.

However instead of sitting around sulking about what we couldn’t do, the three of us forged ahead. Each day, we found something to do to fill our time. Between trying local new restaurants and exploring the local businesses, we managed to make it through most of the rained out weekend. And when the golfing gods granted us just a few hours of reprieve we made our way to Jacksonville Beach Golf Club to play a round of golf. That’s when and where this picture was taken.

By the end of the round, we were soaking wet. As we were standing in the clubhouse drying off, laughing at the moments from the round I couldn’t help but appreciate the guys that I was with. There were a lot of things that we could have complained about over the weekend. I’m sure there were other things that we could have been doing. Despite all of those things, the three of us were in Jacksonville, Florida playing golf in the rain. That was a moment that I will never forget. Not to mention the time, one of the guys almost fell into the water trying to swing at a ball in the hazard…haha…

I share this story with you because the golf trip to Jacksonville reminded me of something important. Despite all of the things that did not go our way, we found other things that we could enjoy. For one, the trip allowed me the opportunity to spend time with two men that I admire. I would even say look up to. Second, the guys helped me to realize that adversity will happen in life. There is no way to prevent it. The challenge for me as a man, as husband, and a father is to make the best of any situation, especially those that don’t go as planned.

This picture from our golf trip to Jacksonville represents what Greenwood GOLF is all about. Passionate golfers who will play in the rain to make the best of any situation.

Tell me about your golf trip that didn’t go as planned.

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