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Why Greenwood GOLF?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Greenwood GOLF in Charlotte is for golfers who want to be a part of change.

Why Greenwood GOLF?

There are many options in golf equipment and apparel. Walking into a golf sporting goods store is like being a kid in a candy store. Between the colors, lights and the sound of the golf simulators, I usually don’t know where to start.

So I ask - What contributes to your buying decisions?

To ensure you have the best products, the best way would be to purchase every product and compare it against the others to determine which ones you like best. But that would be expensive and time-consuming. For example, there are hundreds of golf shoes on the market. Have you ever wondered why you chose the pair that you have today?

Did you decide based on price point? Brand? Comfort? Or style?

When shopping for new golf shoes, I must focus on availability first. I wear a size 13. Most styles are not available in my size. Unlike the average shopper, I have to go to the counter first and ask, “Which styles do you have in size 13?” From there, I make my choice.

According to this article on Psychology Today, cognitive psychologist Herbert A. Simon [...] said that “decision-makers frequently act as satisfiers, seeking a satisfactory solution instead of an optimal one.” This means that buyers make choices that will be personally satisfying versus the decision that is in their best interest. Said even better, golfers tend to make decisions based on emotion instead of reviewing or considering all of the decision factors such as style, comfort and price.

Returning to the golf store, reviewing every product before making a final and loyal choice, would be overwhelming and expensive. As an avid golfer, I know that time on the golf course is sacred. Wasting that time with a bad product choice could be detrimental to our scores and even the game.

If the primary purchasing decision is based on emotion, then I believe that it is the brand that is the key decision factor. Consumers satisfy their needs by choosing a brand that best reflects who they are or want to be. One of the ways that Greenwood GOLF is making the purchasing decision tree easier for our customers is to build a brand they can be proud to represent.

So, why Greenwood GOLF? Simply because our brand is about Success and Respect.


In 1921, the Greenwood district of Tulsa, Oklahoma was the epitome of success. During the time of Jim Crow, racial segregation, and the beginning of the great migration, African Americans found themselves in need but unwelcomed in many cities across the country.

They created districts such as Greenwood in Tulsa, OK, the Brooklyn Village in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Jackson Ward in Richmond, Virginia, to make a way for themselves. These were city centers created out of the absence of other options. Due to the prevailing race laws, African Americans were forced to create marketplaces – places where African Americans were safe to shop, network, congregate and live comfortably without the fear of disrespect, racial intimidation or even death.

Greenwood GOLF was named in honor of one of the most significant marketplaces in history. Often known as Black Wall Street, the Greenwood district of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was where need turned into success, even prosperity.

It is said that a single dollar exchanged hands 36 times within Greenwood before that dollar left the community. Our GOLF brand celebrates African American success as we work to revive, renew and restore the prosperity we once had during a difficult period of our past within the golf industry.


There is a significant difference between being allowed to have access and being welcomed.

Too often, African Americans have been allowed but not welcomed into places. Integration is the clearest example. Before the Civil Rights Act of 1964, African Americans were not allowed to share the same access as white Americans. There were separate entrances, restrooms, drinking fountains, seats, and silverware. The list goes on and on. GOLF was no different.

Until 1961, the PGA had a "Caucasian Only Clause" in its by-laws that prevented African Americans from becoming members and competing. Even after the clause was removed, many private golf clubs did not allow African Americans to join.

Remember Shoal Creek? In 1990, the club founder publicly stated, “We have the right to associate or not to associate with whomever we choose. The country club is our home, and we pick and choose who we want. I think we’ve said that we don’t discriminate in every other area except the blacks.”

This was a time before Tiger Woods, but it was a time after Dr. Charles L. Sifford, Jim Thorpe, Renee Powell, Lee Elder, and more. After that statement, the Shoal Creek Country Club was forced to allow African Americans to join. Access doesn’t mean Respect.

The point here is that our Greenwood GOLF brand is focused on being respected as people, then golfers. Our mission is to increase diversity, equity, inclusion and representation in the game of golf by having our products on retail shelves for everyone.

Our mission is important because African American golfers have yet to feel welcomed in the game of golf. Despite being respected members of our communities, when it comes to the sport of golf, we have yet to feel genuinely respected as valued members of this sport.

Greenwood GOLF was founded in 2021 to carry the torch. Our brand and customers stand on the shoulders of history, proud of the progress made while making our own progress.

Continuing a long legacy of men and women who work hard daily to make the lives of their families and community better than yesterday.

The next time you are looking for a box of golf balls, a golf glove or a hat, check Greenwood GOLF products and make an easy decision to support Greenwood GOLF.

Greenwood GOLF - A brand that represents success and demands respect.


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