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Embracing Unity and Excellence

Greenwood GOLF joins the 3rd Annual African American Golf Expo and Forum

African American Golf Expo and Forum

Greetings fellow golf enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to share some exciting news. Our journey at Greenwood GOLF is taking us to the vibrant city of Louisville, Kentucky, where we are honored to participate in the upcoming 3rd Annual African American Golf Expo and Forum. This remarkable event promises to be a celebration of not just the sport we love, but a convergence of diverse voices and shared passion.

Embracing Unity and Diversity For us at Greenwood GOLF, golf is not just a game; it's a powerful conduit for fostering unity and embracing diversity. As a minority-owned golf company, we understand the significance of inclusivity and representation in every swing. The African American Golf Expo and Forum provides a platform for us to stand alongside our fellow golfers, sharing s

Greenwood GOLF FLEX Ball

tories, experiences, and aspirations that collectively shape the future of golf.

Enriching the Experience Our presence at this event extends beyond participation; it's an opportunity to enrich the golfing experience. We will be showcasing the latest innovations in our products, including our cutting-edge FLEX golf ball and a range of meticulously designed merchandise. But it's not just about the gear; it's about enhancing the way we play, connect, and celebrate this incredible sport. From driving ranges to golf courses, we're here to amplify the joy of every swing.

Building Connections The 3rd Annual African American Golf Expo and Forum isn't just a gathering; it's a network of like-minded individuals who understand the power of golf to bridge gaps and ignite conversations. We are eagerly looking forward to engaging with fellow attendees, sharing insights, and learning from the rich tapestry of experiences that make our golfing community truly special. It's an opportunity to bond, collaborate, and form lasting connections that extend far beyond the greens.

Fueling Dreams More than just a showcase, this expo is a testament to the dreams and aspirations that fuel our journey at Greenwood GOLF. We are committed to being a driving force in promoting opportunities and breaking down barriers for aspiring golfers from all backgrounds. Our presence at the expo underscores this commitment, as we stand together with organizations and individuals who share our vision of a more inclusive and vibrant golfing landscape.

The 3rd Annual African American Golf Expo and Forum isn't just an event on our calendar; it's a celebration of the collective spirit that propels golf forward. We are honored to be a part of this dynamic tapestry, contributing our unique thread to the fabric of this incredible community. As we prepare to tee off in Louisville, we invite you all to join us in embracing unity, excellence, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead on the golf course and beyond.

Stay tuned for our updates from the expo, and until then, keep swinging, keep inspiring. Yours in golfing camaraderie,

Chris WORD

CEO, Greenwood GOLF


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