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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Greenwood GOLF Unveils Minority Golf League a Vision for Diverse Golfing Community

Updated: Mar 8

Charlotte, North Carolina, March 7, 2024 — Greenwood GOLF, a trailblazer in fostering diversity within the golfing community, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Minority GOLF League. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to champion inclusivity, accessibility, and empowerment within the world of golf.


 The 2024 season will feature 10 teams comprised of passionate golfers from minority communities, each representing their respective clubs or organizations with pride and enthusiasm. These teams will compete in a series of tournaments and events designed to showcase talent, build camaraderie, and promote community engagement.

Here are the 2024 Teams:

We are proud to welcome Golf Pride and Visit Jamaica as sponsors for the inaugural season of the Greenwood GOLF League. Their support will play a crucial role in the success of the league and our efforts to empower minority golfers and communities.

"Golf Pride and Visit Jamaica share our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and community empowerment," said Chris Word, CEO of Greenwood GOLF. "We are honored to have them on board as sponsors for our inaugural season and look forward to working together to make a positive impact."

The Greenwood GOLF League is dedicated to creating opportunities for minority golfers to thrive both on and off the course. Through the support of our sponsors and partners, we aim to break down barriers, foster talent, and create lasting change within the golf industry.

About the Greenwood GOLF League:

The Greenwood GOLF League is a community-driven endeavor aimed at promoting diversity and providing competitive opportunities for golfers to engage with and thrive in the sport of golf. The league seeks to break down barriers, offering access to the game, creating mentorship opportunities, and supporting local initiatives that align with its mission.


Key Highlights:

  1. Players: The League offers two competitive flights. The first flight is for aspiring professional golfers to compete at the highest level, while the second is a team flight for amateur golfers looking to experience the thrill of competitive golf.

  2. Teams: The Amateur flight is made up of teams of 8/10 golfers to compete in a Ryder Cup style competition.

  3. Inclusivity: The League is open to golfers from all backgrounds, emphasizing diversity in both participation and leadership.

  4. Community Support: A portion of League proceeds will be dedicated to supporting charities, golf programs, and initiatives that uplift minority communities.

  5. Networking and Mentorship: Through its Pairing Parties and events, the League will create networking and mentorship opportunities, connecting experienced players with newcomers, fostering a sense of community and support.

  6. Tournaments and Events: Throughout the 2024 season, the League consists of five (5) golf matches, four (4) pairing parties, and one charity event. These events will showcase the diverse talents within the golfing community.

Why it Matters:

The Greenwood GOLF League is not just about golf; it's about creating lasting change and opportunities. By championing diversity within the golfing world, the league aims to inspire a new generation of players, leaders, and advocates who will continue to break down barriers in the sport.

How to Get Involved:

  • Players:

  • Sponsors: Businesses interested in supporting diversity and community development are encouraged to partner with Greenwood GOLF as sponsors. Send an email to for more information.

  • Volunteers: Individuals passionate about making a positive impact in their community are welcome to join as volunteers.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Golf!

Greenwood GOLF invites everyone, from aspiring professionals to avid golfers, to join the League. Together, we can create a golfing community that reflects the rich diversity of our society.

For more information, please visit or contact us at for more information.

About Greenwood GOLF:

Greenwood GOLF is a pioneering golf brand committed to creating positive change within the golfing community. Through innovative programs, events, and partnerships, Greenwood GOLF seeks to make golf more accessible, inclusive, and enjoyable for everyone.

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