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Greenwood GOLF's Flex Ball Earns Prestigious USGA Conforming Status

Updated: Feb 14

Picture of FLEX Ball
Greenwood GOLF Flex Ball Sleeve

Greenwood GOLF, a minority owned golfing equipment company, proudly announces that its latest creation, the Greenwood GOLF Flex Ball, has been listed on the esteemed United States Golf Association (USGA) Conforming Golf Ball List. This achievement solidifies Greenwood GOLF's commitment to delivering top-notch golfing products, specifically tailored to enhance the game for amateur golfers.

Picture of Flex GOLF BALL
Greenwood GOLF Flex Ball Picture

The Flex Ball, a meticulously designed three-piece golf ball, features a Surlyn cover engineered to offer amateur golfers enhanced distance off the tee while providing exceptional greenside control for chipping and putting. Its innovative construction caters to the needs of golfers seeking both power and precision in their game.

Another item that sets the Greenwood GOLF Flex Ball apart is its unique packaging — instead of the traditional three-ball sleeve, we proudly present a four-ball sleeve. This not only provides golfers with more value but also reflects our dedication to delivering excellence and exceeding expectations.

This significant milestone not only marks the excellence of the Flex Ball but also establishes Greenwood GOLF as one of the distinguished minority-owned golf companies to have a product listed on the USGA Conforming Golf Ball List.

A dozen of the USGA Conforming Flex golf balls can be purchased on the Company’s website, and for $35.

About USGA:

The United States Golf Association (USGA) is the governing body of golf in the United States and Mexico, dedicated to serving all golfers and providing resources to ensure the health and vitality of the game. The USGA sets and enforces the rules of golf to ensure fairness, maintains the handicapping system, conducts national championships, and promotes initiatives for the overall growth and development of the sport.

“We are honored to have our Flex Ball recognized and included in the USGA Conforming Golf Ball List," said Chris Word, CEO of Greenwood GOLF. "This acknowledgment not only validates our dedication to excellence but also inspires us to continue our mission of making golf more enjoyable and accessible for all players."

Greenwood GOLF is excited to bring the Flex Ball to golf enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled experience on the course. For more information about the Flex Ball and other Greenwood GOLF products, please visit


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